I’m a non-EU customer, do your prices include duties and taxes?

Updated 1 month ago

Our shipments are DAP (Delivery at Place), which means that the recipient of the shipment must take charge of any eventual import duties and taxes.

Duties are pre-paid for shipments heading to the US.

Both are charged once the parcel reaches its destination country and are calculated on the total amount of the invoice. Unfortunately, we have no control over these charges and cannot tell you what the amount will be, as customs policies vary across countries.

Please note that customers take full liability for all shipment costs and any eventual customs charges even if they refuse to accept a parcel due to high import duties or taxes.

We are not allowed to declare low values on invoices, or to mark orders as gifts. We must declare the real value of the items you purchased.

Australian customers: orders under 1000A$ can be imported free of any import duties.
UK customers: orders between 15,01£ and 135,00£ normally incur UK VAT (20% fee), while orders over 135,00£ are subject to UK VAT and import duties. Please note that the above charges apply to the order total amount (shipping cost included) and are charged after parcels are shipped.

IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR RUSSIAN CUSTOMERS: From January 1, 2020, duty-free thresholds applied to goods imported for personal use were reduced to €200 and/or 31 kg per shipment. If shipments exceed these thresholds, it will be necessary to pay a fee of 15% of the cost, but not less than €2 per 1 kg. The duty is calculated separately for each parcel, regardless of their quantity for one recipient.

IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR TAIWANESE CUSTOMERS: From July 1, 2022, Taiwan customs will implement the Real Name Authentication (RNA), through which the customers would allow custom clearance of goods entering the country while improving transparency and identity security. All private consumers of shipments entering Taiwan must download the EZWAY Customs application and go through a one-time registration with their mobile number. Customers will receive a notification via the EZWAY application to pre-authenticate their shipments against the unique waybill numbers. Recipients are required to carry out the pre-authentication process through the EZWAY application for each shipment; otherwise, authorities will reject parcels at customs. Should the recipients not pre-register and pre-authenticate the shipments within 7 days of arrival, the goods will be returned to the shipper.