How does Slam Jam Rewards work?

Updated 5 months ago

Our Loyalty Program gives you the chance to access exclusive rewards and benefits while shopping on our site.

The Loyalty Program is free. To subscribe, users will need to set up an account - if they don't have one yet - and to complete all activities while logged in.

Right after subscribing to the program, you will receive a Welcome Badge and you will be able to redeem the relevant reward.

To unlock badges and have access to special rewards, you will need to complete specific actions. Of course, the higher the badges you unlock, the best rewards you get.

While some rewards can be redeemed right after completing a few actions, other rewards require customers to make purchases meeting specific requirements and can be redeemed after 19 days upon order receipt and only if the order is not returned.

Our Reward program is valid for 6 months and it will expire on the last day of the 6th month. After the expiration date, all the levels, badges and benefits that you have gained will reset.