Badges and Levels

Updated 1 month ago


Starting 04/08/2022, customers are rewarded after completing the challenges listed for a given Slam Jam Badge. All purchases and online activities must be completed while logged into your account. Purchases and all other actions are non-transferable. Each badge can only be unlocked once. It is possible to earn more than one badge per purchase.

There are different types of badges, some are permanent and can be earned only once, they are never removed from the customer’s account. Other badges are resetted every 6 months.


Badges requiring a specific amount:

For badges with a specific amount that must be spent, such as the Trailblazer and the Nike Badge (coming soon), the final amount spent after promotions, discounts, gift card and/or store credit must meet the requirements stated in each badge description. For example, in case the requirement is to spend €200 on a single item, if the total price of the item falls below €200 after applying a promotion, that purchase will not be considered valid.

For all international versions of the website with an invoice currency different than €/EUR, the amount required is based on the invoice currency $, AUD, and £.


Badges requiring the purchase of specific items:

For badges requiring the purchase of specific items, such as the Nike Badge, it is not necessary to purchase all needed items in a single order, however, in case of multiple purchases, only the first purchase in a 24 hour period will be eligible. 



As you complete the first level of a specific badge, higher levels will be unlocked by performing other actions.

Each level will give you access to greater rewards and benefits which might include discounts, tickets to special events, prize drawings and exclusive sales. These will be subject to additional terms and conditions, which we will communicate when the rewards are earned. Some rewards will be notified via email only, therefore you must subscribe to our newsletter and allow email communications from us, otherwise you won't receive your rewards.

The available Badges are:

Welcome Badge - Level 1 - 2 -3

Trailblazer Badge - Level 1 - 2 -3

Authenticator Badge - Level 1 - 2 -3

Catalyst Badge - Level 1

The 100 Badge - Level 1



Your rewards will be marked as “pending” during the standard return period, so 14 days after the delivery date of your order. Rewards will become available 20 days after the order delivery date, provided SLAMJAM.COM has received the total payment for that purchase and you did not request any returns during the return period.

During the return period, if you return any of your purchased items for a refund, the pending rewards that have been unlocked will be locked again to reflect any returns made.


When a reward is used to pay for a purchase, it can be used fully or partially. In case of return of an item purchased with a reward, the reward will not be refunded, therefore only the monetary part will be refunded.