Promotions & Coupon Codes

Updated 1 month ago

Price Adjustment Policy

We price adjust only if the below conditions are met:

  • if an item that you purchased has gone on sale or its price has been reduced, price adjust is doable only in case the price has changed within 24 hours after order confirmation
  • if a promotion has started and it's valid on selected items, the purchased item must be included in the selection
  • a price adjustment can only be applied once per item. This means that we won't grant a second price adjustment if an item purchased - and that has already received a price adjustment - has gone on sale or its price has been reduced again

Price Match Policy

We regret to inform that we don't price match the prices offered by other retailers, in any circumstances.

Promotions and Coupon Codes

When a promotion or coupon code is available on our site, please keep in mind the following conditions:

  • discounted items (i.e sale or clearance items) may not be eligible for further discount
  • codes are redeemable online only unless otherwise notified
  • for orders containing multiple items, the discount or promotion offered will be applied to all eligible items
  • in case of return, discounted items will be refunded in the amount paid and not the original value
  • if a code is no longer available, a replacement will not be issued
  • it's possible to apply only one coupon code per order unless otherwise indicated
  • some items from our catalogue may be excluded from our promotions. Items included in our special offers will be marked with a black dot on product page
Drop items are excluded from all promotions
  • to redeem a coupon code, users will need to enter the coupon code into the dedicated field available at checkout. The relevant discount will be automatically deducted from the final price
  • coupons are valid for a limited time only. The expiration date will be notified either online or via newsletter