Digital Gift Cards

Updated 1 week ago

When purchasing or using a Digital Gift Card, please keep in mind the following conditions:

  • you cannot purchase a Digital Gift Card using another Digital Gift Card
  • if the amount of your Digital Gift Card doesn't cover the total order amount, you will be able to pay the rest of the amount using one of the payment methods supported on our site
  • if the amount of your Digital Gift Card is higher than the total order amount, the balance will be stored in your card and you will be able to make a new order using the same Digital Gift Card
  • the balance is automatically updated, both in case of partial and full use, and is shown in €. You can contact us to get more information about your balance
Your balance will be shown in € also on the 'Your Gift Card is Ready' email and on your account. The amount in € is calculated based on a fixed conversion rate for each currency.
  • Digital Gift Cards can't be transferred and are not redeemable for cash
  • we cannot replace lost or stolen Digital Gift Cards
  • in case an item purchased via Digital Gift Card is returned, the relevant refund will be credited to the same Digital Gift Card
Please consider that our standard Return Policy will apply
  • Drop items can't be paid using a Digital Gift Card