I need help, something is wrong with my order

Updated 2 months ago

If you haven’t received what you ordered or if you have any other issues related to what you purchased, please contact us and share some pictures of the item. We will do our best to fix the problem in the shortest time possible.

If something is missing, it may be that the items were no longer available when you made your order. In this case, our system automatically removed and refunded them. To check if this is your case, please have a look at your Shipping Confirmation and Packing List.

I have a problem with my item, but I have already used it

The lack of conformity must be communicated to the Seller within 2 months from purchase.

In case of lack of conformity, the Customer is entitled to request the fixing or the substitution of the Product within a reasonable term. In case such remedies are not feasible or too burdensome for the Seller, the Customer shall have right to a price reduction or to the termination of the sale agreement, according to art. 130 of the Italian Consumer Code.

In case the lack of conformity is notified to the Seller after wearing or washing the items, the Seller is entitled to refuse any type of compensation to the Customer, as there are no sufficient elements to assess any eventual manufacturing issues.