Can I amend my order details?

Updated 11 months ago

After you make you order, you have 60 minutes to:

  • update your shipping information
  • cancel your order

You can do the above actions from your account, by accessing the ‘Order History’ section.

In case you need to change the items/sizes in your order - or add new ones -, you should cancel the order and then make a new one.

If you wish to edit the shipping address after your order has been shipped, you can use DHL On Demand Delivery service ( as long as the new address is located in the same country as the original one.

By using DHL On Demand Delivery service, you will be able to choose from a range of options including:

  • rescheduling your delivery
  • placing your shipment on hold if you are away from home
  • arranging to collect your order from a DHL service point
  • changing your shipping address